Goal! New pub with international flare opens in Downtown Boise

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Blog

A new sports bar in Downtown Boise is now open, just in time for fall sports and other events that aren’t as easy to watch on regular programming. Liga will have plenty of TV screens, but they won’t just be filled with local or regional professional sports.

Instead, it will focus on soccer and showcase other premier international sports, including tennis, rugby, hockey, Formula 1 and more. Fittingly, the new pub is named after the Spanish word for sports league. The business owners promise a friendly, relaxing and adventurous environment for all guests. The bar’s appetite for international sports extends to the menu. The bar serves ice-cold beers and other drinks that are internationally known. The décor will also reflect sports aesthetics from around the world.

Liga Boise set up shop at the former location of Mala Luna Space near Capitol Boulevard in downtown (624 W Idaho St., in between Boise City Hall and Cecil D. Andrus Park). Liga Boise is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight.

Boise continues to add many wonderful places to eat and meet up for drinks. It is yet another reason why so many people are choosing to call the area home. If you are interested in Boise real estate, there are many loan options to consider. Our team will help you select a loan program that makes sense for your unique financial picture and assist you along your journey to find a home in this wonderful region.

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