New aquarium on its way to Boise

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Blog

Soon, Boise residents will be able to “seas” the day and be as happy as clams.

A new aquarium by the nonprofit Blue Zoo will arrive in Boise by the end of year. Blue Zoo currently has three other locations nationwide and offers visitors an extraordinary opportunity to explore the ocean’s depths and mysteries through a collection of displays designed for all ages.

Sharks, clown fish, sting rays and other aquatic and land creatures will be part of the exhibits, some of which invite visitors to get up-close encounters. The aquatic attraction will also feature live educational demonstrations and water-themed play areas.

The founder of Blue Zoo is Wes Haws and he is holding his cards close to the vest, as details are not yet fully publicized. The location is also to be determined, but it will be located right here in Boise.

What is known is the facility will likely be at least 20,000 square feet and will open in the final quarter of 2022, in time for the holidays. Details will be released as the negotiation process moves forward.

The owner has shown his commitment to the region and has moved the company’s headquarters to Boise following a partnership with local investors.

Boise is an important locale. While it’s packed with natural beauty and waterways, it is not near the ocean. Blue Zoo hopes to provide children with access and opportunities to explore ocean life. At Blue Zoo, they will be able to hold starfish, pet sting rays and make new connections with the incredible ocean world.

The owner is open about his own story of overcoming tragedy and how it led to his calling and passion of aquatic education. In 2012, Wes Haws was attacked by a person with an ax in Ethiopia while taking part in a global project to build houses. Luckily, two villagers were nearby and got him the medical attention he needed to save his life. Even though it took hours to get him to a hospital, Haws made it through with the help of those around him.

As he recovered, an aquarium inside his hospital room caught his eye, bringing him comfort from the traumatic head injury. While his wound healed, he got a chance to learn about different fish species and coral reefs. That was his turning point: He decided to share his newfound passion for ocean life with the masses.

Blue Zoo engages youth in an extremely interactive way and teaches them about the importance of marine conservation. The addition of Blue Zoo in Boise will be a tremendous community asset.

It will be one of many enriching features of this amazing city. Residents are blessed with the unlimited possibilities of Boise’s natural beauty. Welcoming and thriving communities, award-winning restaurants, excellent schools and other community-first features are what make this a wonderful place to live.

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