Homebuyers and sellers alike think now’s good time to act

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Blog

Earlier this year, the economy seemed to lift off. Then, things slowed and consumer confidence waned.

That confidence, however, is making a comeback in real estate.

According to a new survey, homebuyers gained renewed confidence in the month of August following a small lull in the previous month.

The number of respondents who said now was a good time to buy a home increased by 28%. And those who said it wasn’t a wise time to purchase a home fell by 3%.

Optimistic homebuyers were matched in sentiment by homeowners, 73% of whom agreed that now is an ideal time to hit the market and sell property.

Along with the positive consumer sentiment about buying or selling a home, the survey also found other positives with respect to interest rates. Consumers believe that interest rates will remain low and affordable in the coming months.

Consumers’ expectations about income and job security also show a good dose of optimism, with more than 82% saying they felt confident about their current jobs.

The survey also asked people about their thoughts on home pricing. About 46% said they believe prices would continue on their current trajectory over the next 12 months.

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