15 decoration ideas that will make your home sparkle this Thanksgiving

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Blog

Thanksgiving might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean your home cannot look its very festive best.

As you prepare your plans for this year’s holiday, try these 15 decoration tips, including some DIYs, to brighten your home during this special time of gratitude, family and friends.

Multicolor garland

Colorful garlands are versatile and make sprucing things up easy.

They can go anywhere! Hang them over your banisters or around your dining room windows.

They’re easy to make and you can choose a color palette that complements your home’s color motif.

Candle wreaths

Fill the room’s air with the warmth of a winter-scented candle.

Bring even more attention to your candle with a wreath at the base of the candle.

This miniature wreath centerpiece is the perfect reminder of everything we love about winter.

Gratitude banner

Everyone at your Thanksgiving table will have something to be thankful for.

Make a sign about what everyone’s already thinking.

You can make your own “Give Thanks” banner at home. Print the letters to your custom message and hang each letter on a piece of string or yarn. Add a few leaves, ribbon or other decorative accents to finish it off.

Tree with acorn favors

Use a few tree twigs/branches to create a gratitude tree, which you can place on a table as a centerpiece.

Decorate it with acorn-shaped lip balm containers as a gift for your guests.

Indian corn wreath

Hang a unique wreath to welcome your guests this year.

Indian corn and its colorful cobs are the perfect ingredients for your DIY masterpiece.

Just gather up some cobs and line them up to form a circle with the husks pointing outward.

DIY Thanksgiving balloons

“Eat until you pop.” “Stop. Drop and pass the mac.”

These are some of the messages you can write on your mini-balloon parade.

Filling your home with special messages helps set the tone for the evening.

Bucket of pumpkins

Display your bounty of mini pumpkins inside a galvanized bucket or another vintage-looking container.

The DIY feel of this decoration will add charm and remind you of that awesome family trip to the pumpkin patch.

Twinkle, twinkle little leaves

Create a magical garland of leaves and light.

This decoration combines a string of lights and leaves for the perfect garland you can put almost anywhere.

It’ll really sparkle as the sun goes down and you cozy up around the chimney.

Pumpkin serving tray

Delight your guests by serving up your favorite dishes on a pumpkin serving tray.

This DIY project is easy to do. Simply glue a serving tray atop a decorative pumpkin.

To finish it off, add a coat of copper paint.

Festive doormat

Your doormat might be the first thing your guests will see.

So, greet them the right way with a festive doormat.

“Hi, pumpkin” or another similar message will be the perfect hello and start to your Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey sign

Framed messages are trendy, so why not make your own for the occasion?

Create a turkey sign with large lettering and stamps.

“Gobble ‘til you wobble” is an appropriate message.

Leaf place card

Organize where everyone sits with gold-dipped leaves featuring handwritten names of your guests.

These cards are an elegant way to decorate and customize décor inside your home in a very special way.

Your guests will love the effort, detail and glamour of gold leave place cards this Thanksgiving.

Message plates

Use clear plates on top of your dinnerware to display a special message.

Write short messages like “thankful” or “gratitude” with paint pens on these plates.

Or, you can pass pens around so your guests can write their own holiday greeting.

No-sew pumpkins

If sewing isn’t your thing, try no-sew pumpkins.

You can find an easy tutorial on how to craft softball-sized pumpkins using any pattern that catches your eye.

These easy pumpkins can be placed anywhere around the house.

Dark floral pumpkin

For darker colors or prints, such as floral, a floral pumpkin strikes the perfect balance for the holiday.

You can paint a faux pumpkin with darker and warmer colors for a big décor statement.

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