Best pizza places in Boise

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog

Stuffed crust. Loaded toppings. A piping-hot pizza pie with extra mushrooms.

No matter how you slice it, a pizza dinner with family and friends is hard to top.

Luckily here in Boise, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re a pizza lover, what are you waiting for? Go try these incredible pizza joints near you.

Flying Pie Pizzeria

For a soaring pizza experience, there’s no other place than Flying Pie.

They have it all: pizzas, lunch specials, starters, sandwiches, pastas, salad, desserts and more. There’s truly something for everyone in the family.

Flying Pie Pizzeria’s menu of pizza ranges from traditional combinations, semi-traditional and non-traditional choices, such as Triple Pie (featuring sharp cheddar, ground beef, linguica, Italian sausage and several other toppings) to the seasonal Habanero pie (chicken, black olives, garlic and peppers).

For a pizza adventure you’re sure to repeat, go to Flying Pie.

Spitfire Pizza

In the mood for Detroit-style and Chicago thin crust? This is the place.

Spitfire Pizza starts with hand-tossed crust and is topped with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Pizzas are available in original crust or Detroit-style.

Americana Pizza

This one is for vegan lovers.

From vegan cheese, chorizo, sausage, Americana Pizza truly caters to every pizza lover.

It even serves up a customer favorite potato pizza and cornmeal crust.

Customers also enjoy the simplicity of the menu, which starts with a base sauce (red, white, pesto or vegan cheese), and dozens of toppings on two sharable sizes.

The Front Door

Each day is special at The Front Door pizzeria.

The daily specials, such as Monday family night and Wednesday wings, are attracting many through the front door.

From personal size to 22-inch pizzas, all pies are made with premium ingredients, including aged Grana Padano parmigiana, dry-wine cured salami, crafted mozzarella, hand-cut pepperoni and dough made from scratch.

Guido’s Original New York Style Pizza

This small but friendly pizzeria can really put together a delicious pizza pie.

Also sold by the slice, Guido’s Original is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Additional toppings can be added to any pizza for a small upgrade price.

There are tons of great places to eat in Boise. It is yet another reason so many call it home. If you are looking to purchase real estate in the Boise area, contact us if you have any home loan questions.

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