Boise hits No. 1 on list of best housing markets

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Blog

The real estate market can be driven by strong local economies with growth to jobs and housing inventory. In robust markets, including right here in Boise, entry-level price points are also a factor. compiled a list of the 100 top-performing markets for 2020 based on the analysis of projected home sales and other data. The top 10 markets include Tucson, Arizona; Rochester, New York; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Memphis, Tennessee. The numbers also show more inland migration, where affordability and amenities are not mutually exclusive terms.

This is an exciting time for everyone in the real estate market, especially those hoping to become first-time homebuyers in Boise.

Last year, Boise ranked No. 8 on the list. This year, it beat out every other market, hitting No. 1 for its projected growth as it continues to attract more and more future homeowners from across the nation.

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