Push and Pour opening second location in Boise

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Blog

Popular coffee shop Push and Pour is opening a second location in Boise.

The new location will be along the Boise Bench at 13 S. Latah.

Push and Pour’s first location is near Boise River Park in what was once a garage. Not many would’ve expected that a coffee shop in a garage would transform into a staple of Boise’s coffee scene. The new location along the Boise Bench is a big change in venue as it puts Push and Pour at the forefront of what is soon to be a new Boise hub.

Whether you’re looking for a warm cortado or just a simple cup of joe, Push and Pour has it. Relaxing music, beautiful artwork, and simple interior create a nice daytime atmosphere for your leisurely cup of coffee. Their signature method of brewing creates a unique and delicious taste in their drinks. If you’re not feeling coffee in the morning, they’ve also got a variety of teas including turmeric and ginger Kapha, peppermint patty, and Earl Grey. There’s plenty of drinks to try, and if you’re interested in a different sort of pick-me-up, there’s also beer on tap and wine.

With new businesses and restaurants opening up all of the time, Boise has become one of the most exciting places to live in. New restaurants and businesses are constantly being added, which make it a great place to dine, but also a hub for jobs.

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