Cafe Rio Mexican Grill opening third location in Boise

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Blog

When Boise locals are craving Mexican food but are limited on time, the only issue is deciding between one of the many casual and quick dining options in the area. While our region will be losing Baja Fresh, a new eatery, Café Rio Mexican Grill, will be making its way into town this year to fill in the gap.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill currently has two locations in Boise and will be calling a third location at Broadway Avenue and University Drive “home” after Baja Fresh closes its doors. The current restaurant has been occupying the space since its opening in 2005 and is still open and serving customers.

While they don’t have a planned opening date yet, Cafe Rio has big plans for their new space. The newly revamped kitchen will serve up fresh farm-to-table favorites that they’re known for, like their “enchilada style” burrito, salads piled up with authentic toppings and tacos that can be built with your choice of tortilla style, proteins, beans, rice and other delicious extras made to your liking.

First-timers won’t want to miss out on their signature piping hot, hand-rolled tortillas that are made-to-order fresh on-site daily, or their guacamole made with avocados that are hand-scooped after being delivered from local farms to the restaurant along with other fruits and vegetables daily.

They are also known for their refreshing selection of authentic Mexican refreshments like horchata and mint limeade, and sweet treats like fresh lime pie made with hand-squeezed lime and fluffy tres leches. You can see the full menu on their website, but prepare to have your mouth water.

Boise locals not only enjoy a wide variety of cuisines and dining options but never have to go far for local entertainment, shopping centers, schools and everything else needed to call a community “home.” We would love to help you make the region your next home! Contact our team today to get started.

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