‘Boise Kind’ initiative highlights the city’s homegrown values

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Blog

Boise is building upon its good name with a community initiative designed to highlight the city’s core values.

Through Boise Kind, the city is opening its arms even wider to its residents and guests by reaffirming its commitment to being kind, generous and respectful to all our friends and fellow residents in Boise.

Boise Kind will officially usher in on March 20-24 at the Treefort Music Fest – and everyone is invited.

The year-long observation will include three golden opportunities for members of the community to document their acts of kindness using digital elements. So prepare for a lot of selfies and smiles. The city of Boise is hoping to document millions of acts of kindness using #Boisekind.

This summer, Boise Day, the second phase of Boise Kind, will be an annual event of service and giving back to the community. It will be sponsored by the city and other partners, including education, non-profit, corporate and faith leaders across the region.

The third component of Boise Kind is the School Partnership, which will encourage our youth to document their acts of kindness.

Along with gestures of kindness, the initiative aims to raise money for charitable causes.

The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce hopes to broaden the impact of Boise Kind so it reaches its members, too. City leaders believe Boise’s “nice factor” is an asset in economic development opportunities and the city wants to show current partners what it means to be “authentic Boise.”

The people of Boise are wonderful, and so is the city itself. The livability factor is a favorable one, as the city has been ranked among the best-performing real estate markets and best-run cities in the nation. It’s also known for its incredible food scene, great outdoors and its strong economic engine.

If you think you want to be a part of a kind and family-focused community, do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our home loan programs.

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